Waste chutes/ Rubbish Chute

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Slides instead of drag
A waste chute is used on almost all construction sites for the disposal of construction and demolition waste. Attached this rubbish chutes can be disposed Renata E.g. on a scaffolding can waste materials such as roofing tiles, concrete or bricks safely and easily from higher regions directly into a container of m-n rainman.

Dispose of the waste pipe for pipe
The quality of the material plays a large role in rubbish chutes. The waste chute by m-n rainman is made of high-quality, impact-resistant plastic. Thus, even heavy or sharp-edged waste such as bricks or tiles can be disposed through the rubble chute. Yet must build the rubble chute to note that she is headed straight down to avoid possible impact surfaces.

The single tubes have a length of 1 m. The attachment carries the weight of the rubble chute, therefore no more than 6 pipes should follow one after the other. Additional intermediate hopper are provided for work on different floors. Using this intermediate pipes, debris can be disposed at the same time on multiple levels.

Fast and easy mounting, fast disposal

For transporting the individual tubes of debris be placed space-saving mesh. The resulting compact transport dimensions for cars or vans. The plug-in system to build of the debris chute is straightforward. Simply attach the chains of a tube as long as to the next until the debris slide has the required length.