Rain Bird



Founded in 1933, Rain Bird holds over 130 irrigation patents and has over 4,000 products. The first patent was the 1933 developed rocker sprinkler. Initially, the company specialized in irrigating citrus fruits, but already in the 1930s, they expanded their offer to include green space irrigation. One of the first customers for irrigation of green spaces was the Los Angeles Country Club. Today, Rain Bird systems water amusement parks, sports stadiums, botanical gardens, golf courses, vineyards and, of course, private gardens.

Rain Bird has manufacturing facilities and offices in the US, Turkey and several European countries. In Germany this is the Rain Bird Germany GmbH. Sales offices exist in over 20 countries worldwide.
The products are constantly tested in an indoor test center by tough quality tests.

With years of proven professional expertise, Rain Bird provides effective and reliable system solutions that are easy to install and operate.

This tradition and flexibility associated with Rain Bird is reason enough for us to rely on Rain Bird's high quality products and to offer them to you.

Amongst others you will find the following Rain Bird products in our shop:
Rain Bird controllers and timers for fully automatic irrigation, Rain Bird pressure reducers for excessively high pressure in the hose due to heavy pumps or downhill, Rain Bird solenoid valves for locking or dosing, and rain Bird Rain Bird for invisible installation of sprinklers under the ground. Also for drip irrigation you will find many Rain Bird products.

In addition to these products you will of course also find many other innovative solutions from the company Rain Bird in our shop www.mnrainman.com

All variants of the m-n rainman professional lawn edge or root barrier / rhizome barrier can be found in our shop

Worth knowing about our lawn edge / root barrier:

If you want to surround lawns, pebbles, gravel or garden beds or limit garden paths, trees, ponds or rocks, the laying of lawn edge / root barrier is a good and cheap solution.

Lawn edge can also serve as a mowing edge, simplifying lawn care.
With lawn edges, beds, paths and lawns can be effortlessly and cleanly demarcated. The lawn edge is easy to lay, without deep trenching or foundations.
The lawn edge can be used in many different areas. The diverse application possibilities range from private gardens to public outdoor facilities.

Our root barrier is indestructible for tree and bamboo roots and resistant to dirt and micro-organisms.
This root barrier is suitable for every type of root and tree and has been a tried and tested means of combating uncontrolled root growth in many cities and communities for several years.
In addition, the protective wall also protects the roots themselves, since they would have to be cut without the use of such a wall.

The material properties are such that the high quality polypropylene lawn edge / root barrier is bendable without breaking or kinking. The system adapts to the lines of paths, beds and squares. Geometric shapes are possible as well as round or curved. The lawn edge / root barrier offers excellent properties: rust-free, weather-resistant, durable, dimensionally stable, frost and UV-resistant, color-fast (does not fade). In addition, it is free of pollutants and resistant to chemicals, e.g. Fertilizer.
The lawn edge / root barrier is available in different thicknesses from 1 mm to 3 mm thickness. In addition, the selection is available in different widths from 12 cm to 100 cm. A color selection is between green, brown and black.

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