Garden irrigation

Garden irrigation

Garden irrigation

The intelligent, water-saving and comfortable watering of your garden!

Does the garden irrigation also disturb the constant dragging of the heavy watering cans, or the annoying unraveling and pulling of the garden hose? If you want a comfortable irrigation of your garden, we have just the right products for you.

In garden irrigation, we rely on automatic systems that make irrigation easier. The garden irrigation happens while you lie in your deck chair. Especially with large gardens, the time savings are great, but even the automatic irrigation of smaller gardens is quite worthwhile.

In addition to making irrigation easier for you, garden irrigation with special systems is naturally also good and healthy for your garden. You can optimally regulate the irrigation and thus determine which areas of your garden are irrigated when and with what amount. Especially for gardens with many different plants, which require individual irrigation, garden irrigation systems are the first choice.

If you want to enjoy your garden permanently and summer after summer and save time and effort on irrigation, then you have come to the right place.

Our technologically sophisticated products help you to keep your garden beautiful and lush. The drip irrigation is especially suitable for flower beds and borders. For your lawn use our systems for irrigation (Rasensprenger) and the practical pop-up sprinklers. For your garden watering with comfort, we also offer other interesting products in our shop. Take a look around!

Amongst others you will find the following products of RAIN BIRD in our shop:
Controllers and timers for fully automatic irrigation, pressure reducers for excessively high pressure in the hose due to heavy pumps or a gradient, solenoid valves for locking or dosing and pop-up sprinklers for the invisible installation of the sprinklers under the ground. Also for drip irrigation you will find many Rain Bird products.

In addition to these products you will of course also find many other innovative solutions from the company Rain Bird in our shop