lawn edge/ garden edgings

lawn edge/ garden edgings

lawn edge/ garden edgings
root barrier:

You can greatly facilitate the maintenance of your garden, if you enclose your lawn with a professional lawn edge. For this purpose we have special lawn edge of polypropylene in our range. The quality lawn edge is also perfect as Mähkante so your flowers or shrubs are not damaged. Our lawn edge is very flexible. Geometric shapes are possible as well as round or curved. The system adapts to the contours of paths, beds and seats. Moreover, the lawn edge prevents the spread of unwanted root foothills. Lawn edge is also ideal as Anpflanzhilfe of young trees, when it can be used as a pouring edge.

If you enclose lawns, pebble, gravel or garden beds or garden paths, choose to limit trees, ponds or rock laying of lawn edge / root barrier is a good and cheap solution.

Lawn edge may also serve as Mähkante, simplifying lawn care.
With lawn edge to flower beds, paths and lawns can be distinguished cleanly and effortlessly. The lawn edge is easy to install, without deep grave excavation and foundations.
The lawn edge can be used in various areas. The Many Uses range from private gardens to public outdoor facilities.

Our root barrier is undruchdringbar for cotton and bamboo roots and resistant to dirt and micro-organisms.
This root barrier is suitable for any root and tree type and is in many cities and towns for several years a proven means of combating the uncontrolled root growth.
In addition, the barrier also protects the roots themselves, since they would have to be cut without the use of such a wall.