Garden irrigation

Garden irrigation

How do you manage an automatic irrigation system

Planning a wellness oasis behind the house with greenery, then you think the possibility of timely irrigation. With an automatic irrigation system, you can make little wrong with your plants. The lawn is sprinkled regularly, the soil remains moist and grass like flowers can grow and prosper. Learn how to set up such a system yourself and what you need.

Garden irrigation with sprinklers

automatic irrigation system with sprinklers

Automatic vs. manual watering

Following are a few considerations, why and for whom a manual or automatic irrigation system is recommended.

to water

For healthy growth and existence of plants need water. In watering cans for the garden fit well and gladly 10 liters. So if it is not raining, you have to reckon with several departures with the can and flow to it. 1 liter of water is exactly one kilogram. They carry a full jug of water so good 10 kilos of a edge of your garden to another. Especially for older people or those with back pain, the casting can thus become an ordeal. Particularly healthy carrying heavy things is not. In addition, the slow pouring of the water, which is an increased effort.

watering flowers with watering

watering flowers with watering

Therefore, many gardeners have begun to substantially carry less water in the watering can. So they get along well, but it costs correspondingly more time until all the flowers and flower beds have been poured. Those without Gießplan, which it may happen that he forgets now and then a few points. But even if you master these difficulties, at the latest on disease or on vacation, you need someone who can take care of her garden.

Manual watering

Manual watering can facilitate much you already. After a correct installation only takes you the system from the physical effort, the watering can is eliminated. You also no longer need Gießplan because the system is set up there, where vegetables, berries, flowers and grass are. So you will not be overlooked during casting.

Manual Watering with the garden hose

Manual Watering with the garden hose

What the system will, however, can not lose weight, is the turning on and off. For a manual watering is activated by hand, as the name suggests. That is, even on vacation or prolonged illness, you have to rely on the help of another person who goes in your garden and the irrigation system operated handed.

Automatic watering

In the care provided by another person, you can dispense with the automatic irrigation. Even you as garden owners no longer need to create during their hand. Instead of manually activating respects an internal clock that the plants get water regularly. For a time you set the garden is watered. The internal clock operates on a computerized system. In a high-quality automatic garden watering can as sensors to be installed, which decide, for example, on the basis of humidity whether irrigation is appropriate. On very dry days is often cast in very humid days less often.

CPU control irrigation Gardena

Do you have a home automation system, so to speak? Smart Home ?, can automatic irrigation in these are integrated. 

irrigation planning

Watering schedule online Gardomat

Whether you choose a manual or automatic irrigation, a watering schedule you need in both cases. It hosts a scaled arrangement of your sprinklers and sprinkler can be recorded, so that you later have to orient during the installation of the system in your garden just by your plan. Take this task your plot plan bewässernmöchten:

  • race
  • beds
  • shrubbery
  • Then draw the areas, which you do not irrigate want:
  • building
  • ways
  • Then mark in non irrigated areas all possible obstacles for your irrigation system or sprinkler and sprinkler:
  • building
  • trees
  • stonewall
  • As a guide for a full-scale application, you use recorded large objects, such as your garden shed and / or the protruding terrace. Do you have a pond, you can also use this as a guide. About valves can be in an automatic irrigation, the intensity of the individual sprinkler rules. Have therefore different plants to be treated, select them, depending on the degree of frequency or intensity of irrigation. Tip: Draw at the beginning a legend, so you do not have to consider later what this or that color shading are. Note that when the drawing that you must also consider a place for the water supply, the pump location and not least the power connector